Organo Gold

4 Feb

I have my own beverage company with Organo Gold International. I serve as a conduit to bring the riches of the earth to the people of the earth. With 3 organic coffee products, black, latte, and mocha plus green tea and hot chocolate, I have the market cornered with a healthy alternative to an otherwise unhealthy habit.  Our coffee bean is the same rich and robust arabica bean that many other coffee companies use. However, my product is infused with Ganoderma Luciderm from the Rishi mushroom. Every cup of coffee will help oxygenate your body, increase circulation, maintain your bodies PH while avoiding the “coffee jitters” and promote overall wellness. I don’t make any medical claims but Ganoderma is a 4,000 year old Chinese herb with known health benefits.  You can order and read more on my website at I respond to all messages and inquiries about how I can help others through my business.  Changing lives one cup at a time. 255 million people drink coffee daily in the U.S.. I offer a great tasting, healthier alternative. No acid, no caffeine.


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