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The #1 Income Momentum Opportunity in the World!

16 Feb

The #1 Income Momentum Opportunity in the World today is Organo Gold.  Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and has grown to a $150 million company in 2011 with a reachable goal of $300 million in 2012.   I considered several direct sales opportunities during the last two years, but never found one with the potential of Organo Gold.  Besides there are many in this company earning five-figure monthly incomes in a matter of months.

Coffee is the most traded commodity besides oil in the world.  In Canada and the United States alone there are 255 million coffee drinkers consuming over 500 million cups of coffee every day.  Organo Gold also has the only patented gano derma infused organic coffee in the world which makes this coffee a truly healthy coffee.

I also looked around and saw all the companies that are taking advantage of this recession proof item called coffee.  MacDonald’s now has McCafe’, Subway serves breakfast to sell more coffee, Dunkin Donuts’ trademark now has a cup of coffee on it and we all know about Starbucks.  Organo Gold is positioned perfectly and is now experiencing massive growth.

The next thing is money.  Organo Gold’s compensation plan is second to none.  I can get paid seven ways.  The company just started the OG Benz club which will allow those who reach certain levels in the company to drive a Mercedes-Benz on the company’s dollars.  Organo Gold wants to become the largest Mercedes customer in the world.  If you want to know more about Organo Gold  follow this link:   Change your Coffee and Change your Life!



10 Feb

I have been hearing a lot about the state of the United States economy.  Most of the news is not good.  The unemployment rate is hovering around 8.5% with certain demographic segments of the country suffering with much higher numbers.  The outcry has been to develop more jobs and bring back many of the jobs that have been sent to foreign lands. 

First let’s look at the jobs that have left.  Many of those jobs are manufacturing which at one time made up a majority of the high paying blue collar jobs in America.  We had better understand from this day on one thing. “Those jobs are not coming back.”   Some of those jobs have been made obsolete by technology and the increased productivity of the current workers.

Next, many of the lost jobs are now entrenched in foreign lands and they are not coming back to America.  Unless the Federal government can give enough incentives to companies to bring those jobs back which may include lower corporate taxes, those jobs are lost forever.  Another contributing factor is that Americans have lost their competitive edge.  We are lagging behind in education and training.  Also the Federal government needs to get out of the way by not over regulating.  We need to let the American ingenuity and creativity come to the forefront to raise us up to where we once stood in the world economy.

You may wonder why this post is entitled, “Jinx.”  Well, let’s get to that.  Jinx was my father, formally named Jesse Smith.  Your next question may be, what does he have to do with jobs and the American economy?  He had everything to do with it.  My father was a coal miner from the 1950’s until his retirement in the mid 1980’s.   He had his first coal mining job in Carolina, WV at a Bethlehem Mines Corporation site.  I remember him telling me that at that time they were still hand loading coal.  He eventually went to work at Bethlehem Mine #41 at Barrackville where he and I both were raised.  He worked there until the late 60’s and went to Loveridge Mine in Fairview, WV.  Locals refer to the area where this mine was located as Sugar Run.  He worked there until retirement and while  there studied and received his Mine Foremen’s Certification. 

My father did what many Americans today must do.  He became an entrepreneur.  My father did not have a lot of education.  But what he did have was a very strong body and a willing mind.  He worked harder than any man I have ever known.  He always kept an old pick-up truck and some tools.  He would haul old furniture away, help people move their residences and  perform any other manual labor job to make extra money on the side. At one time he even had a garbage service and charged his customers $1 per month.  My friends and I worked with him and he did not even have to pay us.  He would stop us at a local ice cream shop after the route was completed.  I have unstopped sanitary sewers with him, patch roofs, built block walls, removed trees and even hauled chicken manure for use on vegetable gardens.  Jinx did whatever it took to make it.  He epitomized the old saying, ‘an honest days work for an honest days pay”.  All us of must go back to this hard work ethic that was demonstrated by our forefathers.  Many of the corporate jobs will not come back, but we all can find something we can do on our own to sustain us and our families. 



Organo Gold

4 Feb

I have my own beverage company with Organo Gold International. I serve as a conduit to bring the riches of the earth to the people of the earth. With 3 organic coffee products, black, latte, and mocha plus green tea and hot chocolate, I have the market cornered with a healthy alternative to an otherwise unhealthy habit.  Our coffee bean is the same rich and robust arabica bean that many other coffee companies use. However, my product is infused with Ganoderma Luciderm from the Rishi mushroom. Every cup of coffee will help oxygenate your body, increase circulation, maintain your bodies PH while avoiding the “coffee jitters” and promote overall wellness. I don’t make any medical claims but Ganoderma is a 4,000 year old Chinese herb with known health benefits.  You can order and read more on my website at I respond to all messages and inquiries about how I can help others through my business.  Changing lives one cup at a time. 255 million people drink coffee daily in the U.S.. I offer a great tasting, healthier alternative. No acid, no caffeine.


Today I wanted …

3 Feb

Today I wanted to continue with my background and life in Barrackville, WV, but I am continually bombarded and haunted by the rhetoric concerning the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.  I grew up in West Virginia during the 1950’s and 60’s when racial discrimination and segregation were still prevalent.  I lived over the railroad tracks, literally on the wrong side of town.  The railroad tracks and the bridge at Maple Point were the dividing line.  Blacks could not live south of the that point.  But things have changed.  But have they, really!

When I stepped into the voting booth in November 2008, I was so excited that I showed up at the voting precinct at least one hour before it opened.  This was the first time that I could vote for a black man for President of the United States and he had a real chance of winning.  I even took my daughter, Jessica, with me to let her know how important this was and the historical significance of this day.  I did not vote for only myself, but for my Father Jesse, my Grandmothers Nettie and Eloise, my aunt Alberta Walton and all of my past relatives too numerous to name.  That was a glorious day!

Even though Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America, the rules of American Society have not changed. Yes, Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America, but some of the same rules apply today as they did during the days of my youth.  Face it, White people still run this country and people of color still march by most of their orders.  My father taught me from the beginning that a Black man must achieve at a higher standard than a white man to even be considered close to the level of the white man.  Barack Obama, to his own detriment, is an overachiever.  He rose to a level that very few white men will achieve.  Think about it!  He is at a level that only God Almighty himself could have gotten him.  And white people are mad, pissed, upset and ready to do whatever to get him out of office.  They must be thinking,” We just had these people in chains less than 200 years ago and now one of them is the President of the United States, the most powerful office in the World!  Sitting in the same seat as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and others!  The back rooms and board rooms of America have been poised since day one of the Obama Administration to oust him in any way possible.  They have called him names, accused him of not being a citizen of this country and now the so called Black leaders of this country are attacking him.  They are calling him on the carpet!  Does this sound like the 1850’s pitting one black against another?  President Obama has enough hate coming from the Conservative Right and now his own people are turning on him.  And the Tea Party. Any person of color near these folks should be ashamed.  Have we lost sight of where we came from.  Of course not! It took almost 400 years to get to the White House.  I am certain that it will take more than one term  to begin to turn around the many years of struggle our people have faced.  Let’s stand united behind Barack Obama.  I know that if any of the Conservative Right had faced what our President has faced during his 50 years, they would have given up.  I am proud of President Obama.  Speaking of being proud, I would love for my daughter to grow up and be a strong black woman like First Lady Michelle Obama.  If large numbers of our children would grow up to be like Barack and Michelle, we could turn this country upside down. Let’s stand together!  I know we can make it to the “Promised Land.”