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The Cloud

13 Apr

Seldom does one come across an item that  everyone needs in today’s world.  When we do, it just overwhelms us and our emotions just go wacky.  That is just what happened to me a couple of days ago.  We have all been hearing about this new thing that was coming.  The so called 4th Wave of  Technology.   I did not know a thing about it until I click on a link on IBOToolbox.*   I had heard about this cloud, but all that came to mind was some pillowy, white, puffy object that floated above the earth.

The link was placed on the wall on IBOToolbox by Darleen Lanham.  Darleen had place a comment on the wall and provided a link to the site.  I read her ad and clicked on the site.  That’s where the amazement began.  I had heard about “The Cloud” , but did not have any idea that I needed it as well as everyon else.   I read the information on the site and watched the video.  This convinced me that I needed to get on board with this because none of the 3 computers in my home were backed up.

Until 2 days ago, I could have lost all of my data at any time.  One might ask how such as thing could happen.  There are over 1.5 billion computers worldwide and all of them need backed up.  Computers can have the hard drive crash or your child or even you might spill a sugary drink on the keyboard or cpu and ruin the computer.  There may be a fire, an inadvertent deletion or a clumsy drop on the floor making retrieval of your data impossible.   Since I work from home, such a tragedy would be disasterous.  Don’t even think about the 600 plus family photos stored on the hard drive.  Darleen had come along at the right time and I immediately protected my computers.  Thanks Darleen.    

The company offering this service is Cloud Zow.  Cloud Zow has lauchcd a new on line technology that everybody is ranting and raving about.  I did my due diligence and check them out and their leadership and record is stellar.  The amazing thing is that this is FREE!  Yes, I said FREE!   A new customer is entitled to a free 15-day trial.  On top of that, you don’t even need a credit card to sign up for the free 15-day trial.  That’s almost unheard of.  After the 15-day trial, the cost is only $5.00 per month.  If you want to protect your data and your precious memories click on this link;

Not only can you become a customer, you can become an affiliate.  This is free also.  This service is a requirement for all of us, because for almost all of us the computer is at the center of our universe.  Marketers say that this is a $100 Billion dollar business market and you can get in on the ground floor.  Cloud Zow will be a global business opportunity for both customers and affiliates in the near future.  Here a few of the benefits of joining Cloud Zow:

A true 70% is paid out ($3.50 of each $5.00)

Leadership Bonus paid through ininfinity (full compression)

10% to 25% matching Bonuses on personals.

15-Day Free Customer Trial *Afterwards Only $5.00 Monthly

No Credit Card needed for 15-Day Free Customer Trial

Affiliate Receive (4) FREE Capture Page Marketing Systems

No Inventory or Shipping (a 100% Virtual Product)

100% of Mac or PC owners will need this * only $5.00/month

True Risidual Income/nearly 100% retention rate.

As I said earlier, Cloud Zow has a great management team, strong financials, a great product and perfect timing.  All affiliates will have access to team marketing and training that is packed with the right resources to be used for your success.  There is also 24/7 recorded training calls (1559-726-1299;pin 604221#).  This is a team and you will succeed.  All the help and resources will be made available to you.  If you would like to become a member of the Cloud Zow team click on this link and let’s get started:

* IBOToolbox is a site full of idependent business owners with one common goal….building their businesses.  IBOToolbox will give you all the tools you need from advertising,blogging and internet exposure.  And it is all FREE!  Join us by clicking on this link:


The School Hill

11 Apr

I have mentioned on several occasions that I was raised in “The Camp”  known in some circles as “#7” in Barrackville, WV.  One of the most interesting places during my youth was a place we call the “School Hill”.  Before the desegregation of schools, each of the small coal mining communites had a school for the black children usually located in or around the coal camp.  These were usually old buildings with one or two large rooms with a few small rooms used for special purposes and offices.  These schools had outdoor restrooms or “out houses”, but many did have some indoor plumbing.  This school building was the center of the community activities and at times served at the church for the community.  The school also had  a small playground and usually a ball field adjacent to it.

My Mother and Father went to this school along with most of my elders in the community.   The children in  #7 went to this school through the 8th grade.  In Marion County, all of the black students went on to Dunbar High School in Fairmont.  I did not go to school on the hill  because the school was closed after desegregation in the mid 1950’s.   I started school in 1959.

One of the prominent citizens in #7 was Mrs. Naomi Kyle.  She was the primary teacher at this school on the hill.   Mrs. Kyle was very well educated.  She had a Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia State College  and Master’s degree in Education from West Virginia University.   She was one of the most intelligent people I had ever met during my child hood.  After the school on the hill was closed, it became a summer playground for us.  Each summer, the Marion County Department of Parks and Recreation would have a formal organized playground which was usually supervised by Mrs. Kyle.  The playground was open from 9am to 12noon and from 6pm to 9pm Monday through Friday during summer vacation.   We had a great time there each summer.  We played everything from Chinese checkers to pick up sticks.  The playground had the traditional sliding boards and see saws.   We had volley ball tournaments, treasure hunts, and  scavenger hunts.  We would always prepare for the annual “Field Day ” which was held at the Barrackville Playground.  All of the playgrounds from around Marion County would bring their best to compete in all of the playground disciplines including traditional checkers, Chinese Checkers, basketball, softball, volleyball and zellball.  Champions would be awarded blue ribbons for their performances.  This was a great day and all of us wanted to earn the bragging rights for the next year. 

  One of the greatest things we had  there were the weiner roasts every Wednesday.  All of the kids looked forward to those tasty hot dogs and hamburgers that we feasted on during that time.  It was a community get together every Wednesday and you could be assured that if a child’s parents did not cook for them, then someone would feed those kids.  It was a time of strong community caring and love.  Most of the community was struggling to make it, but you would never known that because there was so much love in that community.  All of those women and men felt responsible for each and every one of those kids there.  They embodied the principle, “It takes an entire village to raise a child.”

As the years went by, the old school building deteriorated and went into disrepair.  The grounds and the equipment were maintained by Bethlehem Mines Corporation.  They built most of the playground equipment and kept the grass cut during the summer.  Mrs. Kyle retired and her health was failing.  Several people, including my mother, became the supervisor of the playground.  As the years went by, the playground was not used because most of the people who would have had children playing on the School Hill, moved away and just came back to visit.  I am not certain of the date, but the old School Hill closed.   The property was owned by the local church, Good Hope Baptist, and was eventually sold to the Darcus family.  The building is gone, but the wonderful memories of the “School Hill” will never be forgotten.  This experience taught us to care for one another and have pride about where we can from.  We were all blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up in such an environment.  As I said earlier, we were not rich with material things, but we had each other and that love experienced at the “School Hill” will always be with us.