The 6 BE’s of Listening

20 Mar

Most of us have never been in sales before we joined a MLM organization.  So the idea of talking to downline prospects or customers in person or on the phone may be downright scary.  We think we’ll never do it right, and as a result will never gain any new distributors or customers.  In fact, it’s probably the main reason why people don’t get into network marketing.  They are afraid to sell!
DON’T BE!!  There are many communication secrets the pro’s know and use that don’t require “selling” in the traditional sense.  We will examine one of those today.  If your exposure to sales has been the stereotype of the fast talking, glib, glad-hander, then you probably think that knowing how to talk is the #1 requirement for success.
Well, it’s not!
The No. 1 key to succes is not talking, but rather listening.  Yes, its true.  If you can learn great listening skills, your success in MLM will skyrocket!!
Let’s look at the “6 Be’s of Listening.
#1:  Be Smarter – Just Listen
If you listen to what the prospect or customer has to say, you will become smarter.  And the prospect or customer will like you much more. They will tell you what type of business opportunity they are looking for or what they are interested in.  You won’t get this information by using a sales pitch. If you instead take time to learn about “them” you can adjust your message to meet their specific needs.
You will also begin to bond with your prospect or customer which make them want to enter into a business relationship with you. No one has ever entered into a relationship be it personal or business with someone they did not like and respect.  By giving a prospect time to talk, you are showing respect and personal interest in them.
#2 Be Patient – Let Others Finish
Don’t you hate it when you get interrupted?  Downline prospects and customers hate it too, and they don’t even know you.  They will assume you are not interested in what they have to say and that you are rude to boot.  Be patient, and let customers finish what they are saying.  In most cases they will be very appreciative that you have heard them out.  They will then be more patient to listen to you when you are offering information.
#3 Be Interested – Don’t talk for talk’s sake
Be genuinely interested in what the prospect and customer is saying.  Don’t fake it.  If you show genuine interest through your questions and answers, the customer will know it and respond positively to your message. If you are talking to impress the listener with your knowledge, but are not interested in what they have to say, you will lose them.
#4 Be Ready – Formulate insights/responses
Know how easy it is to let your focus drift when someone is talking to you, particularly if they drone on and on?  Practice your listening focus.  Use the time you are listening to the prospect to get insights into the prospects needs, wants and personal circumstances.  Be ready when it is your turn to talk.  Be ready with the intelligent responses you formulated while you were listening.
#5 Be Effective  – Reinterate / Clarify
It’s easy to misunderstand what a customer/prospect may be saying particularly when it’s over the phone and you have no body language or eye contact to help you out.  When it’s your time to talk, make sure to reinterate and clarify what they have said and what you jointly discussed.
#6  Be Proactive – Set a next step
Gaining a new distributor or a new customer rarely happens in just one call.  Listen carefully for what the prospect needs to move to the next step.  More information, a product sample, references? Once you’ve identified what it is, don’t end the conversation without setting a specific follow up appointment.  As we all know, the money is in the follow up.


One Response to “The 6 BE’s of Listening”

  1. terryasmithrbd April 15, 2012 at 4:15 pm #

    Well said Jesse, I have been using these listening skills and others in my 33 yr counselling practice. The skills you speak of will make your conversations with people genuine and meaningful and you will gain the trust of the person you are speaking with. Great post. Thankyou for sharing.

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