Amazing Facts About Ganoderma

15 Mar

Ganoderma is known for centuries as the “Miraculous King of  Herbs” that has a traceable comsumption record of more than 2000 years.

Ganoderma is the only herb on our planet with approximately 400 different bioactive compounds.  They develop naturally as a food supplement for a healthy body.

Ganoderma has 5 highly therapeutic biactive compounds that work in synergy to correct sell imbalances, detoxify the body and strengthen its natural immune system.  They exist all together naturally only in red mushrooms.

Ganoderma is an adaptogen that works directly on every cell of the human body.  It provides oxygen, nutrients and elements that correct cell imbalances.  Thus strengthening the cell membranes so the cells  will not take in new toxins.

Ganoderma inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide while growing like human beings. So, when we take it, we add good quality oxygen to the body.

Ganoderma grows very rare in the forest.  Yet, it has millions of micro spores (dormant reproductive cells) that never functioned to massively reproduce before the invention of technology.

Only technology activates those spores to reproduce one Ganoderma specie into a million members of the same Ganoderma species.  This process is more than enough to continually feed and sustain the demand for humans all over the world.

Ganoderma works directly on the body starting from its cell (not on the disease), thus making it possible for the body to treat the “root cause” of any disease including those believed to be incurable, chronic or recurrent.

Ganoderma can be taken long-term without the fear of developing a tolerance for its effects.

Ganoderma is not a drug.  It is classified under food category by the Food and Drug Regulating Authorities.

Ganoderma has no side effects.  Anyone from all age groups can take it.

Ganoderma is guaranteed safe with more than 10 years of extensive research to humans using the Ganotherapy technique of Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

Organo Gold brings only the healthiest and purest state of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma through their products and beverages. For those searching for answers to their physical, mental,  and financial health, look to Organo Gold – the true Treasure of Life!

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