For The Health of It

10 Mar

The most important component of our lives today is our health. Let’s face it.   If you can’t get up and walk around with a decent quality of life, it really does not matter what type of car, clothes or home you may have.  Because good health allows you to enjoy it to the fullest.  But why have we let this very crucial part of our lives get out of control.  America is the land of plenty.  We have been blessed with the best of everything, freedom, and opportunity to earn a good living and abundance beyond the world’s comprehension .  But we have gotten lazy and complacent to our own detriment.

Today our weight has been an issue that all of us must address and address it now!  Obesity and morbid obesity is epidemic!  You want proof?  Get in your car and take a drive to the local shopping mall and find a good vantage point and observe.  The waist lines have disappeared, people can barely walk and some are using motorized carts to shop.   Those in the carts aren’t injured, just too fat to walk.  And the majority of these people are young, many less than 30 years of age. 

Twenty years ago, no state had an obesity rate above 15 per cent.  Today over 38 states have rates over 25 per cent and just one has a rate less than 20 per cent.  Today, the state with the lowest obesity rate would have been the highest in 1995.

Most people who know me understand that I am a large person.  I have spent the majority of my life exercising and watching my diet.  Exercise is a very important part of my life.  If I don’t work out, my mental and physical profile deteriorates.  We need to urge our educational leaders to make physical education mandatory for all public schools.  We stress academics, but if our students are suffering from hypertension and diabetes, they will not be good workers on the job.

Nutrition should be another component of our recovery.  Most of us are over fed and under nourished.   There are too many empty calories in our diets.  Empty foods like soda should be taxed at an extremely high rate to discourage consumption.   Restaurants must reduce portion sizes.  Nutrition training should also be a part of the curriculum in all grade schools.  Videos like the ones the State Police used to show about drunk driving, should be shown depicting the results of a poor diet and exercise lifestyle.  We must get the point across to all of our young people.   Because if we don’t, the consequences will be unbearable.



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