The #1 Income Momentum Opportunity in the World!

16 Feb

The #1 Income Momentum Opportunity in the World today is Organo Gold.  Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and has grown to a $150 million company in 2011 with a reachable goal of $300 million in 2012.   I considered several direct sales opportunities during the last two years, but never found one with the potential of Organo Gold.  Besides there are many in this company earning five-figure monthly incomes in a matter of months.

Coffee is the most traded commodity besides oil in the world.  In Canada and the United States alone there are 255 million coffee drinkers consuming over 500 million cups of coffee every day.  Organo Gold also has the only patented gano derma infused organic coffee in the world which makes this coffee a truly healthy coffee.

I also looked around and saw all the companies that are taking advantage of this recession proof item called coffee.  MacDonald’s now has McCafe’, Subway serves breakfast to sell more coffee, Dunkin Donuts’ trademark now has a cup of coffee on it and we all know about Starbucks.  Organo Gold is positioned perfectly and is now experiencing massive growth.

The next thing is money.  Organo Gold’s compensation plan is second to none.  I can get paid seven ways.  The company just started the OG Benz club which will allow those who reach certain levels in the company to drive a Mercedes-Benz on the company’s dollars.  Organo Gold wants to become the largest Mercedes customer in the world.  If you want to know more about Organo Gold  follow this link:   Change your Coffee and Change your Life!


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